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- How to connect deeply in Tango -


DesperTango provides the perfect opportunity to open a space for physical, emotional, expressive and psychological exploration using fundamental theory and practice of Argentine Tango. The characteristics of this paired dance reveal through his embrace each partner inner traits and the way we relate as a couple. DesperTango is a chance to awaken in a both physical and emotional senses, to know yourself through knowing how you connect with others, thus opening up new paths to sensuousness by using expressive and organic movements. Discover who you really are in close contact with your partner and others... Once you've reacquainted yourself with your own personal human qualities, the door to your own true self is finally open and leads to the path of creating a dance of freedom that flows into the sweet embrace of Tango.

 For whom is DesperTango?

DesperTango is for those people open to obtaining a deeper self-understanding through dance.

Therefore a more authentic dance will be created with more confident, organic and fluid moves. Couples experience a greater connection with each other and get the chance to experience the pleasure of freedom through dance.


  Everything you are is in your Tango


Events, Seminars & Classes

The encounters consist of exercises which enhance body consciousness, expressiveness, self-perception and sensory and emotional listening to oneself and the other. They help to explore the various possibilities and qualities of movement and take notice of their sensations, all this in a space that stimulates creativity and personal and joint improvisation. The work is accompanied by moments of reflection and interpersonal exchange. The proposed exercises are based on Tango but also on other forms of dance, theatre, family constellations, and various other personal development practices for the psycho-emotional integration. The concepts of "The Dinzel", their idea of an equal couple, the importance of improvisation and the philosophy of tango as an expression of freedom, equality and fraternity are fundamental to our work.

Events and Seminars

Upcoming Events:

  - DesperTango Practices January 23 / 30, 2019 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Cultural Batacazo)

- New DesperTango Seminar February 2019


Last Events of DesperTango (Europe)


- "Tango and its benefitstherapeutic", Valencia (AND) June 15/16/17, 2018

- Lausanne (CH) 6/30 and 7/1/2018

- Nice (F) 7/8/ July 2018
-Berlin (D) 7/13/2018
- Cologne (D) 7/14-16/2018
- Bordighera (I) July 21/22, 2018


- Venice (I), June 16/17/18, 2017

- Valencia (E), Essential Tango - Tango la Pasión que Sana, June 20-25, 2017

- Bordighera (I), July 8/9, 2017
- Barcelona (E) July 22/23, 2017

DesperTango in Buenos Aires, argenitna)


- DesperTango Practices January 24 / 31, 2019 ("My Place" Chacarita)

    - Intensive seminar "Exploratory of Tango and Emotion", February 24, 2019 (Dinzel Studio)

- Seminar  in 3 meetings "Exploratory of Tango and Emotion", February 14, 21 and 28, 2019 (Dinzel Studio)

- Intensive seminar "Exploratory of Tango and Emotion", December 8 2019 (Dinzel Studio)


-Seminar "Recognizing Footprints" - March 1, 8 and 15, 2018 (Dinzel Studio)
- Intensive seminar "Recognizing Footprints" April 15, 2018 (Dinzel Studio)

- Intensive Seminar "Recognizing Footprints", December 16, 2018 (Dinzel Studio)


- Seminar of various meetings every Thursday in November 2017 (Dinzel Studio) 
- Intensive seminar Sunday December 3, 2017 (Dinzel Studio)

DesperTango continues to organize seminars in Buenos Aires and Europe! Stay in touch with us and put a "like" on our Facebook page!

Groups & Private Lessons

Write us a message for registrations and further informations! We're glad to answer your questions. 
Private lessons are available in Buenos Aires and Europe. por favorcontact us for further information!


  Your dance that is born, your soul that dances.


About us

Adriana Ba Mazzotta, Despertango, a therapeutic way to express yourself while dancing Tango

Adriana Ba Mazzotta is an Argentine actress, dancer and teacher with over twenty years of experience in the artistic and educational area. Her studies of classical ballet dance and theater were the beginning of her training and career, which was then nourished by different body disciplines and expressive arts like jazz dance, contact improvisation, theater and musical comedy among others.

She has been learning Tango since childhood in her family environment and the academic Tango training was ten years ago. In the Tango school "Estudio Dinzel" of Buenos Aires she found her space for in-depth learning. Her teacher Rodolfo Dinzel inspired her dance and also took her to investigate vital, emotional and expressive concepts present in the Tango dance.


On Stage / On Air

"Tango Negro 2" and "La Pescaderìa" are musical plays and her latest work as an actress and dancer shown in Buenos Aires theaters. She currently also serves as a teacher in various areas of dance, expression and Tango  and actively participates in the radio broadcast "Radiotomada Tango", which is made by a small team of tango dancers. Together with Ennio Fioramonti she created the methodDesperTango where she deploys all her knowledge and her artistic and educational experiences.

Ennio Fioramonti, Despertango, a therapeutic way to express yourself while dancing Tango

Ennio Fioramonti graduated in Biology at the University of Zurich and in Psychology at the Universities of Trieste and Nice. 

In addition to his studies,  Theories and trainings in the following areas have ben strongly influencing his therapeutic work. Worth mentioning are Carl Roger'sPerson centered Approach andBert HellingersSystemic Family Constellations. Other strong influences come from Zen Philosophy,Gestalt Therapy,Transactional  Analysis, The Palo Alto Mental Research Institute and theJungian Archetypes andTranspersonal Psychology in general. Ennio was leading groups of personal growth and development in Italy for years using mainlyfamily constellations and giving workshops about the psychological analysis of archetypal personality traits and their meaning in everday lives. He also gave lectures on psychology at the University of the Third Age and the Red Cross organization.



He dances Argentine Tango since  more than 20 years and lives and Teaches Tango between Buenos Aires and Europe. Together with Adriana Ba Mazzotta he is the creator of the methodDesperTango which helps people to substantially improve their Tango and/or work on a personal level through Tango. 


We'd love to hear from you and give you all the information you need!

Thank you

DesperTango in Photography

Presentation and Workshop in "Tango Esencial",  Valencia (Spain) 2017

Intensive Workshop in Venice, organized by "Tango Venice" 2017

Intensive Workshop in Bordighera (Italy), organized by "Protango" 2017

Intensive Workshop in Barcelona, organized by "Subtil Concept" 2017



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